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Tree3D 2.1 is the second version of the popular tree3D component. It adds some new cool features like rows and columns, making it possible to create wall like effects and vertical trees. It also features a vast improvements in memory and CPU handling, making your trees much lighter and enhancing the user experience. Tree3D 2.1 is a tree component for ActionScript 3 with a twist. It allows you to easily create a three dimensional interactive tree UI navigation systems. Based on data driven XML , the component can be easily adapted to virtually any data source. Developed by Zerofractal Studio and based on an idea by Alejandro Gonzalez, Tree 3D offers an intuitive user friendly functional spatial tree that combines horizontal navigation for the current level and depth cascade style navigation for its hierarchy. Common uses for Tree 3D are: File/Folder Browsers, Menu systems, site-maps, image galleries or any tree based structure. Version History: 2.0.3 Initial release 2.0.4 Fix OCo Fixed an error with the childItem function 2.0.5 Feature OCo Added a render() function to force render the tree in the next enter frame 2.0.6 Feature OCo Added a soft click event 2.0.7 Feature OCo Added a refresh() function to force refresh the current level 2.0.8 Feature OCo Added movie property to change event. If the current level is the root, movie will be null Feature OCo Added parent click event to click to parent. If the current level is the root, movie will be null Fix OCo Better handling on document items higher up the tree 2.0.9 Fix OCo OnChange Event was using the wrong level information 2.0.10 Fix OCo Added a soft click event to soft clicks of items that have no children 2.0.11 Feature OCo Added a property called trackOutsideComponent to enable/disable interactivity and rendering when a user hovers the mose outside the component 2.0.12 Fix OCo Glow updates when chaning parent folders 2.1.0 Fix OCo Made compatible with CS4 Fix

Systems: Windows

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